Parsons Media is a unique photographic, image delivery and consultation service with a list of high level clients which has been established for over 10 years that offers a bespoke service tailored to you.

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Andrew Parsons

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Andrew is a photographer that any high-profile individual can rely on for his discretion, professionalism and trust. He knows from decades of experience that forming a close working relationship with the client is essential for developing a visual style that is authentic, natural and respectful of their positions. During his time working for Prime Minister Boris Johnson Andrew was able to operate freely within No10, given access all areas behind the scenes, which ultimately led to a visual style that was unmatched in British politics. 

He would regularly sit down with the Prime Minister to discuss strategy and communication objectives. His eye for the right image helped to shape the style and output of some of the biggest moments in recent political history, spanning general elections and referendums. 

Working within the UK government his images helped to communicate with new social media savvy audiences some of the UK’s biggest challenges such as the COVID Pandemic, the Ukraine crisis and the cost of living. 

Aswell as building a close rapport with individual clients including actress Angelina Jolie and members of the British Royal Family, Andrew is equally adept at shooting images for corporate campaigns, annual reports and advertising materials.

Pete Maclaine


Pete Maclaine is our Lead Editor and is responsible for editing, quality control and liaising directly with clients and communications teams to choose the best shots and distribute them accordingly. 

He is an editorial, news, PR and marketing photographer with 20 years experience in the industry. His work is widely published in national and international newspapers and magazines, including an array of front pages and has been featured in Time Magazine’s photos of the year. He has worked on a host of successful political campaigns, including those of four British Prime Ministers. 

He is a member of the British Press Photographers’ Association and the National Union of Journalists, Independent Broadcasting and New Media Branch.

What we can deliver

Andrew and his team are quickly able to develop a close working relationships with established corporate teams aswell as newly formed campaigns, working to any brief, and tight deadlines if necessary, to produce creative, inventive and professional photographic content. Always keen to use his expertise to take any project to a new strategic level, he can help you deliver subtle but targeted messaging through both the images he takes and taking an active advisory role. Aswell as shooting events independently Andrew is also able to manage teams of photographers for larger projects. Most recently he led and coordinated teams, and oversaw distribution of their images, for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, G7 summit in Cornwall, COP26 climate conference in Glasgow and the Conservative Party Conference,  Building long-term image sharing technology

Whether you’re looking to boost your photographic output for your social media channels, build up an internal portfolio for ongoing projects or attract media attention for your latest campaign, Andrew and the team can set up the technology needed to store and distribute your images.
Prior to Andrew entering No10, there wasn’t a government photography department and there wasn’t a centralised system for storing or archiving photographic content. As the Director of Photography he established a system which was easy to use, accessible to those who needed it but also incredibly secure. This system remains in place now.
Andrew could help any client to set up a similar system including an internal photographic library, allowing images to be stored securely and accessed quickly for projects, portfolio’s and social media. If the client wished to share images more widely with other third parties, such as the UK and international press, he could also assist in setting up a dedicated Flickr page to display and distribute high resolution images.

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